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Police Duty Grade Baton

The police duty grade baton is made with level of quality and reliability that has become the standard high expectation of civilian law enforcement, military police and security professionals for many years. These professionals know that when they need to use it, they can't afford to wonder for even a moment if the weapon they are relying on for self defense will work properly or not in situations that can be literally life or death.

But don't think these are reserved for law enforcement only. These expandable batons are for anyone looking to feel safer and know they have an effective self defense product on to fight back if they need to. You can bet that this level of quality will be sure to deliver. The easy grip handle is designed to give you decidedly solid control over the baton, while making it virtually impossible for someone on the other end to be able to take it away. In addition, there is also the advantage keeping distance while still inflicting substantial blows to stop a criminal in his tracks and give you the ability to get away or subdue him until help arrives.

You have 2 options as to how to carry your baton. You can choose to rely on the advantage of surprise by keeping it hidden in your purse or a jacket pocket. The other option is carrying it clipped to your belt in a holster. Carrying it in a holster at your side has 2 advantages:

  • You will have immediate and easy access in case you need to get to it quickly

  • It will be visible to someone who may be sizing you up. Since most predators are looking for targets they think are weak and vulnerable, you will send a strong non-verbal message that you are neither

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16" Duty Grade Expandable Baton
16" Duty Grade Expandable Baton
Our Price: $69.99
16" Expandable Telescopic Baton
16" Expandable Telescopic Baton
Our Price: $34.99
21" Duty Grade Expandable Baton
21" Duty Grade Expandable Baton
Our Price: $69.99
21" Expandable Telescopic Baton
21" Expandable Telescopic Baton
Our Price: $34.99
26" Expandable Telescopic Baton
26" Expandable Telescopic Baton
Our Price: $34.99

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