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 Advanced TASER® Replacement Cartridges 
Advanced TASER® Replacement Cartridges
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Advanced TASER® Replacement Cartridges

Product Description

When you fire your TASER®, A cartridge shoots out two electrified prongs that will attach themselves to any target. The moment the prongs make contact with, for instance, an assailant or a vicious animal that is attacking, they send a massive electrified charge into the central nervous system that will temporarily stop the brain from successfully sending the proper signals to the rest of the body to move. While it might be a lot of voltage, it is non lethal and does not have any lasting effects. One of the best features of the cartridges is that they have a long range - able to hit a target that is as far away as 15 feet. That means the person using the weapon can shoot it from a safe distance, and pop in a new cartridge immediately if it must be fired again.

Spare cartridges are important for every TASER® gun user. As soon as it's been fired, it needs to be reloaded before it can be used again. The replacement snaps right into place to make the gun active and ready to shoot. This is essential when you must use the TASER® unit more than once quickly. These cartridges are also very small and lightweight. They do not take up much space, so they can be carried in a pocket, purse, waist pack or any other travel accessory.

Order Advanced TASER® replacement cartridges that are specifically designed for the weapon that you own. The units shown on this page will work in three different types of weapons: the M18, M18L and the X26C model. They will NOT work with the TASER®C2.


  • Additional ammunition to keep your TASER® gun ready to use

  • 15 foot shooting distance

  • Cartridges which snap into place instantly

  • Easily transportable

  • 2 cartridges provided with every order

TASER is the registered trademark of TASER International

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M26c Advanced TASER® Kit with Integrated Laser Sight
M26c Advanced TASER® Kit with Integrated Laser Sight
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Advanced TASER® Replacement Cartridges
Advanced TASER® Replacement Cartridges
Our Price: $59.99

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