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1999 8
2000 > 248
2001 23
(Murder, Rape, Robbery, Assault)
2000 1,425,486
2001 1,439,480
2002 1,423,677
2003 1,381,259
2004 621,130
2005 627,468
2007 633,828
2008 624,446
(Burglary, Larceny, Vehicle Theft)
2000 10,182,584
2001 10,437,189
2002 10,455,277
2003 10,435,523
2004 3,946,300
2005 3,821,942
2007 3,657,753
2008 3,607,671

Sourcebook of Bureau of Justice Statistics - 31st Edition

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Annapolis, MD
Baltimore, MD
Baltimore County, MD
Chicago, IL
District Of Columbia
Chicago Ridge, IL
Ocean City, MD
Weschester County, NY
Virginia Beach, VA

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, India(police use only), Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.
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We specialize in a wide variety of top of the line law enforcement safety products like Gas Masks, Gas Mask Filters, Gas Mask accessories, Stun Guns, TASERS, Pepper Sprays, Ballistic Helmets, Bomb & Ballistic Blankets, Survival Gear, Tyvek Coveralls, Fire Armor Coveralls, Surveillance Equipment, Bullet Proof Vests, Batons, Face & Body Shields, Tactical Riot Gear System, Fire Safety products and relevant accessories.
We Salute & Support the Troops! Be Safe!!
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Featured Items
Mestel SGE 150 Gas Mask
Mestel SGE 150 Gas Mask
Our Price: $99.99
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Crewman Helmet
Crewman Helmet
Our Price: $199.99
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Special Forces Helmet
Special Forces Helmet
Our Price: $229.99
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Tyvek® Coverall with Elastic
Tyvek® Coverall with Elastic
Our Price: $120.99
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Most Popular Products
Special Forces Helmet
Special Forces Helmet
Our Price: $229.99
Mestel SGE 150 Gas Mask
Mestel SGE 150 Gas Mask
Our Price: $99.99
Crewman Helmet
Crewman Helmet
Our Price: $199.99
Mestel SGE 400/3 BB Gas Mask
Mestel SGE 400/3 BB Gas Mask
Our Price: $279.99

Police & Military Body Armor

When it comes to personal safety equipment it is absolutely imperative that you believe in the product. . If you’re in the market for military body armor or other military supplies, police body armor or law enforcement supplies, or any other personal safety products, the question at the top of your mind should always be: WILL IT SAVE MY LIFE?


Two Reasons:

  • We don’t just sell our military and police body armor like bullet proof vests, bomb fragmentation blankets, ballistic blankets and ballistic helmets – we MAKE them. This is OUR armor. We are not rebranding or reselling. We design and manufacture it. We have spent years ensuring our products are top of the line
  • You don’t have to take our word for anything. Regardless of why you need our equipment, some of the largest security organizations in the United States including the U.S. Army, Dept. of Homeland Security, SOCOMM, Law Enforcement Agencies across US, U.S. Marshals Service, corporate industrial firms like Halliburton Energies, Chicago Blower Corp. and prime defense contractors like Lockheed Martin & General Dynamics OTS have used it for a similar purpose with excellent results


  • Manufacturing our own military body armor and police body armor means we eliminate the middle man and sell directly to you
  • Not only are you getting a superior product, you’re getting it for a lower price due to low overheads
  • Speedy turnaround on all orders
  • More than 500 different safety & security products
  • Excellent Customer Service through Phone, Live Chat, Email & Fax


From protecting U.S. soldiers in Iraq, to the spontaneous terrorist threats faced by the Department of Homeland Security, we make it easy to customize your body armor for any situation.

Bullet Proof Vests - Depending on your priority of concealment, mobility, or maximum protection, we offer the ability to customize your armor. Starting with NIJ Level II and NIJ IIIA armor with optional stab protection, you can add on multi shot resistant ceramic or polyethylene ICW plates depending on your vest weight requirements to bring your protection level up to NIJ III or NIJ IV, as well as additional protection to your shoulders, arms and groin.

Ballistic Helmets - We’re proud to be offering superior light weight NIJ Level IIIA ballistic helmets, with a V50 rating of 600m/s ideal for 9mm and 0.44 magnum rounds. These are not the regular run of the mill helmets available out there but high quality, light weight with 7 pad harness system for extra comfort and trauma protection.

Ballistic Blankets - Having a ballistic blanket on hand could save you and your team from a large variety of bombs and other explosions as well as handgun protection. Ballistic blankets offer protection ranging from V50 300m/s 17 grain, NIJ Level IIA V50 450m/s 17 grain, NIJ Level II V50 550m/s 17 grain to NIJ Level IIIA 600m/s 17 grain.

Ballistic Gloves & Ballistic Eyewear - Losing the use of your eyes or hands in the field - even temporarily - can be fatal. Give them both the best combination of comfort and protection with our elite line of gloves and eyewear from WileyX.


If the events after Hurricane Katrina and other disasters have taught us anything, it’s that YOU must protect yourself and your loved ones, and stocking the right equipment is the only way to sleep easy knowing you’re prepared for when disaster strikes.

Gas Masks - Protecting yourself from the threat of chemical and biological weapons is just as important as guarding against gunshots and explosions. Stay alert, in control, free from contamination, and able to protect those around you.

Pepper Sprays - When non-lethal stopping power is required, you can be confident in protecting yourself when facing a violent attacker or aggressive animal. Our pepper sprays boast up to a 15% concentration of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) (the highest legally allowed strength) and a range of 8 to 20 feet. Please read the legal restrictions of purchasing pepper spray in your state before ordering.

Stun Guns - Ideal for close quarters defense, our wide array of stun guns will let you hit an attacker and knock them to the ground instantly to give you time to escape. Please read the legal restrictions of purchasing a stun gun in your state before ordering.

Tasers® - With up to a 15’ maximum distance and an optional laser sight, Tasers® are the ultimate protection when you need to put someone down without killing them. Please read the legal restrictions of purchasing a Taser® in your state before ordering.

Survival Gear & Emergency Supplies - Ensure your family is protected when disaster strikes with our full line of safety equipment including first aid, survival, and emergency response kits, as well as lanterns, and flashlights.

Surveillance Equipment - Take control of your privacy from unwanted spying with top quality bug detectors, phone Tele-data guards, RF signal detectors (to detect spying cameras), as well as a full line of remote camera systems and audio amplification systems.

Fire Safety - Regardless of the situation, anytime you are dealing with fire you need to protect yourself. We offer a full range of fire safety equipment to protect you from the flames, heat, and smoke, from more casual fire armor coveralls, jackets, and pants, to top of the line Xscape Safe fire escape suits and fire escape masks.


Satisfaction guaranteed at the best prices - don’t let uncertainty prevent you from obtaining the protection you need – call or email us today for the advice you need.

Your safety is our motto! To know more about us, visit Get To Know Us!

Let us both take partnership in making the world a better and safer place to live for ourselves and for our children.

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Ballistic Blanket - Level-IIIA(NIJ)
Ballistic Blanket - Level-IIIA(NIJ)
General Purpose Vest Level IIIA
General Purpose Vest Level IIIA
Our Price: $816.75
Combat Assault Glove
Combat Assault Glove
Our Price: $117.99
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